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These are other templates, used for fun stuff such as references.
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This is the {{str endswith}} meta-template.

It returns "yes" if the first parameter ends with the second parameter. It uses both {{str left}} and {{str len}}, so it's subject to their limitations. Both parameters are trimmed before use.


  • {{str endswith|foo (bar)|(bar)}} → yes
  • {{str endswith|foo|bar}}
  • {{str endswith|(bar)|foo (bar)}}
  • {{str endswith|foo bar   |   bar}} → yes
border cases
  • {{str endswith}} → yes
  • {{str endswith|<i/>|<i/>}} → yes
  • {{str endswith|<i/>| }} → yes
  • {{str endswith| |<i/>}} → yes
  • {{str endswith|[499 characters]X|X}} → yes
  • {{str endswith|[499 characters]X|Y}}
  • {{str endswith|[499 characters]X|[same 499 characters]X}} → yes
  • {{str endswith|[499 characters]X|[same 499 characters]Y}}
  • {{str endswith|[500 characters]X|X}}
  • {{str endswith|[500 characters]X|Y}}

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