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right away


  • categorize media/files
  • create new page templates for images/midi
  • help pages
  • get the frontpage done!
  • fb connect
  • Manual:$wgArticleRobotPolicies
  • google analytics & adsense

Read up on:

write extensions for:

Front Page to list various things like:

  • hymn of the day
  • composer of the day
  • author of the day
  • rss of (select) recent changes
  • rss feeds to other hymn sites

syndication & web 2.0

  • RSS in and out (possibly feedburner)
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • cross integration w/new posts here into FB
  • mailing list


  • press friends
  • blogosphere
  • church music ministries
  • analytics, analytics, analytics!!!


  • WP integration
  • Terms & Use
  • content warning, notifications banners
  • Foreign Language SUpport!!!


  • artwork (logos, etc ...)
  • Video support?

MIDI tools

Down the road:

Read About

Spam Safety Plugins

Possible Installs

Beef-up Composers & Authors

Consolidate the Authors & Composers into 'people??'

(on the former, drill in & enumerate their body of works?)

Outbound Links to Worthwile Hymnology Sites

The following should probably go under a 'Links' namespace at some point. The objective is to provide a semi-definitive list of study resources for visitors. In turn, this will encourage them to document their work here!

Wiki Pages

A good source of starting materials as well as examples of layouts and templates (esp. for biograpies and references)

Older Google Books on Hymnology

see if we can't find and buy these somewhere online for purchase?

Copyrighted Material

Probably want an Amazon/Affiliates link to thes materials

Sister Web Sites

Reach out and make friends with these folks BEFORE launch