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|left_content='''Hymnopedia''' - a semi-definitive wiki of Christian hymns
|left_content='''Hymnopedia''' - a semi-definitive wiki of Christian hymns
this is the left content
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* [[:Category:Authors]]</div><div class="mright">
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* [[:Category:Composers]]  
* [[:Category:Hymnals]]
* [[:Category:Hymnals]]</div>
}} {{main_infobox
}} {{main_infobox

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Hymnopedia - a semi-definitive wiki of Christian hymns

Bio of the Week

Martin Luther

Martin Luther; (1483 to 1546), the hero of the Reformation, was born in the village of Eisleben November 10, 1483. In 1512 he received the degree of Doctor of Theology. In the meantime he made a pilgrimage to Rome, where he saw much corruption among the clergy; but still his faith was strong in the Roman Church. On October 31, 1517, at midday, Luther posted his ninety-five Theses against the Merits of Indulgences on the church door at Wittenberg. That day was the birthday of the Reformation.

He himself translated psalms and wrote hymns, to some of which he adapted tunes. Luther wove the gospel into these hymns. They were gladly received and widely circulated. A Romanist of the time wrote: "The whole people is singing itself into this Lutheran doctrine." The first collection of Luther's hymns was published in 1524. He died February 18,

Interested in more? Read more or discuss this author/composer on the page Martin Luther.

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