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A semi-definitive wiki of Christian hymns.

Bio of the Week

Lina Sandell

Carolina (Lina) Vilhelmina Sandell; (October 3, 1832 to July 27, 1903), was a prolific was a poet, theologian, author and hymn writer.

Like many Christians, she learned that when pain and tragedy strike, God may use that experience to deepen our faith. When she was 26, Carolina -- or Lina as she liked to be called -- experienced a tragedy which profoundly affected the course of her life. She was with her father, a Lutheran pastor, crossing a Swedish lake. Suddenly the ship lurched, and before her eyes, her father was thrown overboard and drowned.

Lina had written hymns before, but now she poured out her broken heart in an endless stream of beautiful songs, to the point she earned the title 'the Authors:Fanny Crosby of Sweden.'

Two of Lina Sandell's better known hymns include:

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8 Great Hymns of the Week

Below are hymn pages that for the week of 27Feb11 had the:

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  • lowest number of site exists from the page:
  1. Blest be the tie that binds
  2. Be Thou my vision O Lord of my heart
  3. Blessed assurance Jesus is mine
  4. All hail the power of Jesus name
  5. Almighty God Your Word is cast
  6. Christ be my Leader by night as by day
  7. Deep in the shadows of the past
  8. For the beauty of the earth


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